We're big fans of coffee and tea so we made a charming little spoon rest to go along with our daily brews! This ceramic mushroom-shaped dish is 6.3 x 6.6cm - perfect to keep a teaspoon handy or hold your favourite bag of tea! This tiny but mighty spoon rest duals as a trinket dish to hold your dainty jewellery like rings or studs! Place it anywhere in your home like your kitchen counter, vanity, coffee table, bathroom counter, or bedside. This spoon rest comes with an encouraging message, "Just Grow With It" and makes a sweet, whimsy gift for your friends and family!
Catetgory H & L - Kitchen & Drinkware
Tag New Release
Brand Natural Life
Item Code KTT000114
Item Code 2 614390697414
Unit 1 EA
Availability From
Material Ceramic
Measurement 2.5in W x 2.6in H

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