Our Freight Policy- Australia

Our amended Freight Policy took effect as of 1st July 2008.
* Back orders will be treated as any other order and appropriate freight will be charged.
* Back orders are shipped with your next Purchase Order after the goods are received unless advised otherwise.
* Care & Share Products have negotiated the lowest freight cost possible.

ALL Stands and Displays

Charge – Actual Cost of Freight

Care & Share Products reserves the right to change their Freight Policy without notice.


Returns & Credits Policy- Australia

Care & Share Products strives for excellent customer service. This policy aims to provide a consistent and timely response to all problems and claims.


All claims for short supply, over supply, incorrect or damaged items must be made to our Customer Service Department; this can be done via fax, email or phone. Both invoice number and product codes must be quoted on all claims.

Reporting Period

All claims must be reported to our Customer Service Department within ten (10) business days of receipt of goods.
Products with manufacturing faults are exempt from the seven day reporting period. Such products will be replaced without charge or credited up to 3 months from the date of receipt, at the discretion of our Head Office staff.


Care and Share Products will accept the return of over-supplied or incorrect goods that comply with the reporting period.
Our Customer Service staff will issue an ‘Authorisation to Return’ form, which must accompany goods when returned. Reply Paid numbers will be allocated by customer service staff for all goods to be returned.
All goods must be returned in an as-new condition, in original packaging and without shop stickers (with the exception of damaged goods).

Faulty products do not need to be returned. However, we do ask that they be held for sighting by your Area Manager.
Unauthorised returns will be returned to the sender at their expense.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure a consistent policy, all credits and returns are managed by our Customer Service Team at our Head Office. Area Managers are not authorised to deal with customers in regards to returns and credits. They cannot issue credits or accept unauthorised returns.