Meet your favourite new accessory. It's not just an adorable scrunchie that adds a stylish flair to your hair, but it's also a clever little secret keeper. With a discreet zipper hidden in its fully lined velvet design, this cute scrunchie lets you stash your house keys, extra cash, lip gloss, or any other small items you need to keep close and safe. No more worrying about losing your essentials while you're on the go or going out at night! The Hideaway Scrunchie truly changes the game, allowing you to rock a cute scrunchie on your wrist or in your hair while having a hidden storage solution right at your fingertips! We are truly OBSESSED!
Catetgory Access - Hair
Tag New Release
Brand Natural Life
Item Code HDBN000032
Item Code 2 614390705096
Unit 1 EA
Availability From 2023-12-06
Material 100% polyester
Measurement 12.7cm Diameter

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