Birthdays are a good time
to stop and marvel a bit
at the good word God does
with a willing heart.
He’s done a good work
in you, son,
and there’s honestly
no greater reason for joy
for the ones
who brought you
into the world
than seeing that.

Enjoy a new year of God’s purposes-
both challenges and blessings-
knowing He will take you through
each one for your good and for His glory.

With Thanks, Pride,
And Lots Of Love

We have everything we need
to live a life that pleases God…
given to us by God’s own power,
when we learned that he had
invited us to share in his wonderful goodness.
II Peter 1:3 CEV
Catetgory Card - Birthday
Tag New Release
Brand Dayspring
Item Code 10302
Item Code 2 081983653056
Unit 6 PKT
Availability From 2024-07-18

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