Our Velvet Boho Bandeau® is perfect for colder weather! It’s a half-sized Boho Bandeau® made with a luxe-feeling velvet and super soft fabric. This Velvet Boho Bandeau® is a necessity for the chilly season! Like our other bandeaus, it can be used in countless ways: holding your hair back for exercise, keeping your neck warm, wearing around your forehead, and much more. Say goodbye to headband headaches -- no slipping or sliding either! Our Boho Bandeaus® are wardrobe staples that we like to call “effortless outfit makers.”
Catetgory Access - BOHO Bandeau
Tag New Release
Brand Natural Life
Item Code BBW000099
Item Code 2 614390698879
Unit 1 EA
Availability From
Material 100% polyester
Measurement 25.54cm W x 24.13cm H

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