Our Fleece Boho Bandeau® is just like the original, but super WARM and COZY! It’s half fleece and half super soft fabric. It's perfect for skiing, hiking in cool weather, or just keeping your head warm in brisk winter winds. Like our other bandeaus, it can be used in countless ways: holding your hair back for exercise, keeping your neck warm, wearing around your forehead, and much more. This Fleece Boho Bandeau® is a necessity for cold months and for travelling to cooler climates.
Catetgory Access - BOHO Bandeau
Tag New Release
Brand Natural Life
Item Code BBW000101
Item Code 2 614390699692
Unit 1 EA
Availability From 2024-10-17
Material 100% polyester
Measurement 45.72cm L x22.86cm W; length measurements may vary

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